Welcome Maker Space to SAHS

IMG_20160413_121835IMG_20160413_121850IMG_20160413_121824The transformation has begun.  We’ve sectioned off a good portion of the Media Center to make way for our first of many Maker stations.  It’s so exciting to see the progress we are making for our students.

Our MC is opening up to become more inviting and allow more space for our student explorers to work on projects.

In addition to the new space, we’ve added our first experimental station for exploration: Lakka!

Lakka Station
Lakka Station

With this station the students are able to study game design (and play as well) on this Linux-based PC.  We’ve also been looking at installing additional Linux releases on old older PC’s.  Most notably the latest release of Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus).

Next on the agenda is an Android App Builder station using some recycled phones and MIT’s App Inventor 2.

Our third station will be a Take-Apart Technology station where students will be able to explore Laptops & PC’s to learn what makes them tick.

Our first challenge will be to re-build a working PC in a new case.  Can’t wait to see what our talented participants will come up with.

Be sure to stay tuned here for more news and follow our progress on Twitter: @SAPSMakerspace

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