Google Scripts & Add-ons I Love

add-ons-finalHere is the list of Google Scripts (and Add-ons) I can’t live without (in no particular order).  Special thanks to all the writers/coders/developers who made these (and by proxy has made my tech life easier)

  • Google Sites Manage Announcements by Phil Ridout – Use this to prune old posts on your Google Site announcement pages.  DL the Google Sheet template, load the URLs you want to prune, and run.  Works like a dream with several options.  If you want to get fancy and automate, set up a trigger and walk away.
  • postBlaster by New Visions Cloud Lab – Use this in email announcements from your Google Sites pages.  Make a copy of this sheet, plug in your info and let it rip.  Every time you post, it sends a customized email to any number of addresses.
  • chromebookInventory by New Visions Cloud Lab – If you manage Chromebooks, this add-on is a must!  Complies an export of your entire domain OU and allows you to edit and push the changes back.   Need to move huge numbers for PARCC or other kisok-applications?  This tool will make your life so much easier.  Make the changes in a Google Sheet and it updates the GAFE Admin.
  • autoCrat Add-on by New Visions Cloud Lab – This is the be all and end all of scripts/add-ons.  I use this for *every* form we have on the web: discipline, announcements, professional development, I&RS, you name it.  It allows you to create customized docs and emails.  Very flexible and powerful, especially when you use triggers.
  • Flubaroo by Dave Abouav {} – The Holy Grail of automatic grading for Google Forms.  Have your students take a test/quiz and Flubaroo automatically grades it and emails them the results (sometimes in seconds!)  My teachers *love* this add-on.

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