What Chromebooks can do offline

offlineI have been a huge fan of Chromebooks since they first came out.  As a result of this I made the (at the time) radical decision to move entirely online with Google in order to benefit from the “work anywhere” philosophy.  This greatly enhanced my ability to get things done throughout the district, not to mention saving big bucks by not having to purchase MS Office or an expensive stand-alone PC.

Initially this worked great, so long as I had an internet connection.  Finding the internet wasn’t as big a challenge as I initailly expected since most coffee shops and businesses offered it for free.  But there were times when no connection was available, so working the Chromebook became difficult at best.

Enter Google offline apps!

Here is a great article that examines this in-depth: http://www.zdnet.com/what-chromebooks-can-do-offline-7000027307/#ftag=RSS14dc6a9

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