postBlaster for Google Sheets

postBlasterIn light of yesterday’s post, I wanted to share yet another favorite Google Script called postBlaster.

While not yet an Add-on, it can be added to your Google Sheets as a Script.

postBlaster is another wonderful Google Script form the brains behind the New Visions for Public Schools.  postBlaster can be set up to send emails to anyone you choose when a post is made to a Google Site Announcements Page.

We use it here to keep everyone informed about any announcements made from the principal’s pages.  Each time a principal posts to their page, postBlaster automatically grabs the content and emails it out to my custom list in a neatly formatted email.  In our case we email to a Google Group so everyone in district gets it, but it can be individuals as well.

Intrigued?  Click the link and try it out yourself. 


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